Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another delicious bit of rare tuna and What became of that pastrami

Two meals to post tonight. I am MOST excited to brag about how the Pastrami that went in to cure last week turned out, but I'll start with the tuna, because I'm so type A, I can't go out of chronological order.
Last week Beni made a version of a standard favorite at our house, rare Ahi tuna. This time he spiced it with sesame, ginger, and garlic, giving it an Asian flare.

The tuna was served over a bed of spinach and mung bean sprouts as well as a mandarin orange and pear juice vinaigrette with red onions and sugar snap peas. Here's a close up of the vinaigrette followed by the finished product:

The meal was light but filling and perfectly savory.
Speaking of savory... Let's talk cured meat! Remember that Pastrami I mentioned was going in the fridge last week after the corned beef came out?

Well this pretty little thing came out today and went straight into the smoker. When it came out, it looked a little like this; covered in smokey goodness.

Inside this charred slice of beef is some of the juiciest, tastiest pastrami that ever existed (I swear). It's nothing like the solution filled pastrami slices you get at the Walmart deli.
Beni chopped it up and got all the flavors of the smoked exterior mixed in well with the beef muscle and fat.

Then we piled it high on rye bread with provolone cheese, sauerkraut, red onion, lettuce, and home-made thousand island dressing.


Paired with salt 'n' pepper chips, it was a Rueben fit for a king!! Beni has really found his calling in Charcuterie. The next experiment? Home made saurkraut.

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